Carrot-Chantenay with a red center

The variety of the root half-long, tapered and bushy. Its strength allows it to adapt itself to the soil, heavy, and a little mind....
Type of soil: Deep, rich, and rather light-weight. The variations in the short round and can be grown in a pot.

Time to sow: Space the seeds between February and July.
The time to harvest 12-16 weeks after sowing.
Minimum temperature: The ideal temperature for germination is between 26 and 30 DEGREES.

Exposure: full Sun.
The carrot is a crop easy. It can also be associated with radishes, because they grow in the first place, and then it will be displayed in the space at the right time. At the beginning of the season, it is necessary to keep the seed covered with a tunnel protection.

Direct seeding into the ground:
- Sow it in the furrows with 1 inch of water and cover it with sand or soil as fine as possible. The grooves can be at a distance of 10 cm between them.
- Do first when plants are 3 inches tall and leave one plant every 3 inches.
- Roughing it for a second time when the plants have 3 leaves, and leave only one plant every 8-10 cm.

Care of:
- Water thoroughly but not too often. You can put the straw into the soil to keep it moist.
- Take out the seeds as you need, and start with the competition from the start.



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